• ◇ direct delivery !! Okinawa fresh fish and Okinawa brand meat ◇

    • Sashimi of Okinawa direct delivery !! Island Fish

      Sashimi of Okinawa direct delivery !! Island Fish

      669 yen (including tax) -

      Be sent directly every day, sashimi quite inedible prefecture production fish in inland !!

    • Grilled pork Agu of illusion

      Grilled pork Agu of illusion

      1236 yen (tax included)

      Please enjoy !! the taste of black pig Agu of vision with a simple grilled

    • Yamahara young chicken of basil herb baked

      Yamahara young chicken of basil herb baked

      875 yen (tax included)

      Popular menu !! was a young chicken Yamahara direct delivery of Okinawa in basil herb baked

  • ◇ Okinawa friend of delicacy and awamori ◇

    • Okinawa delicacy Assorted

      Okinawa delicacy Assorted

      1081 yen (tax included)

      Deals of sea grapes, Jimami tofu-Mimiga a platter ♪

    • Sea grapes

      Sea grapes

      669 yen (tax included)

      Fresh direct delivery! Irresistible that bubble wrap feeling.

    • Jimami tofu

      Jimami tofu

      865 yen (tax included)

      Popular Purupuru glutinous peanut tofu to women.

    • Mimiga


      545 yen (tax included)

      You know! Crunchy pig ear Tsu.Original sauce ◎

    • Red Asahi of tofu

      Red Asahi of tofu

      669 yen (tax included)

      Best tofu so that the head family to recommend with confidence.Rich taste!

    • Sashimi of aloe

      Sashimi of aloe

      618 yen (tax included)

      I aloe also eaten in Okinawa.Yes effect on beauty.

    • Sunuiusachi (Mozuku vinegar)

      Sunuiusachi (Mozuku vinegar)

      865 yen (tax included)

      Vinegared of Okinawa thick Mozuku

    • Tokashiki Island tuna jerky

      597 yen (tax included)

      Click here for fans multiple-.Tokashiki is jerky of production of tuna.

    • Sukugarasu


      412 yen (tax included)

      Salted fish fry of welfare

    • Watagarasu

      463 yen (tax included)

      Salted bonito of cotton

  • Salad of Okinawa healthy vegetables

    • Nja Do the island tofu salad (Miyako Island dressing)

      Nja Do the island tofu salad (Miyako Island dressing)

      772 yen (tax included)

      Nja Do (bitter herb) is a good island of herbs in carotene / vitamin C rich in gastrointestinal

    • Salad of bitter gourd and small fish

      Salad of bitter gourd and small fish

      772 yen (tax included)

      Bitter gourd vitamin C three times! Roasted onion dressing of lemon ◎

    • Green papaya Thai fresh salad of

      Green papaya Thai fresh salad of

      772 yen (tax included)

      In Thai Innovation Shaki fresh papaya along with Namaribushi of Okinawa.

    • Island fish and avocado millefeuille salad

      Island fish and avocado millefeuille salad

      927 yen (tax included)

      No longer popular in Niraikanai specialty! Women!

  • ◇ life drugs island vegetables ~ ~ Nuchigusui cuisine ◇

    • Life drugs (Nuchigusui) cuisine Assorted

      Life drugs (Nuchigusui) cuisine Assorted

      669 yen (tax included)

      Recommended life drugs cuisine such as the daily two-point prime of the day.

    • Duruwakashi


      618 yen (tax included)

      Regional cuisine kneaded put the pork, shiitake, Muzi (stem of Taimo), and the like to Taimo

    • Handamausachi


      494 yen (tax included)

      Dish that suits, Handama the (Suizenji vegetables) with vinegared bean paste that work to anemia and fatigue recovery

  • ◇ of flame Champloo ◇

    • Bitter gourd Chample

      Bitter gourd Chample

      803 yen (tax included)

      Yappai this! Delicious body is also happy the best dish.

    • Saw Min Chample

      Saw Min Chample

      721 yen (tax included)

      In Okinawa we eat fry the noodle.Really delicious Kore

    • Nabera Nbushi

      Nabera Nbushi

      803 yen (tax included)

      Loofah miso fried boiled things.Classic dish at set meal shop.

  • ◇ Okinawan cuisine ◇

    • Hirayachi


      618 yen (tax included)

      Okinawa style okonomiyaki.Tuna in spicy dough soup, leek, green onions plenty

    • Arthur input hirayachi

      Arthur input hirayachi

      669 yen (tax included)

      Eartha (sea lettuce, Iwanori) a lot entered was hirayachi.

    • Lahti


      824 yen (tax included)

      Boiled pork.The pork with skin awamori, Sato, was stewed overnight in soy sauce.

    • Foot Tebichi (pig foot)

      Foot Tebichi (pig foot)

      803 yen (tax included)

      Your skin Pichi, collagen plenty.Carefully stewed Oden style.

  • ◇ tempura-fried stuff ◇

    • Tempura of Fuchiba

      Tempura of Fuchiba

      700 yen (tax included)

      Okinawa scent of wormwood is great.Irresistible to lovers Fuchiba

    • Kakiage of Mozuku

      Kakiage of Mozuku

      700 yen (tax included)

      Kakiage of Okinawa thick seaweed and vegetables that contain a lot of minerals in the low-calorie.

    • Deep-fried Gurukun

      Deep-fried Gurukun

      721 yen (tax included)

      Okinawa Prefecture fish fried Gurukun (Takasago).Eat to the bone.

    • Fried Mimiga

      700 yen (tax included)

      Honke original menu.Tom Yum Goong please with mayonnaise.

  • ◇ buckwheat rice ones Okinawa ◇

    • Specialty! Lahti bowl

      Specialty! Lahti bowl

      906 yen (tax included)

      Hot spring egg is no doubt riding the trolley Lahti (boiled corner) on top of the rice!

    • Taco fried rice

      Taco fried rice

      875 yen (tax included)

      Taco rice I have the fried rice a.It is popular.

    • Okinawa chow mein

      Okinawa chow mein

      803 yen (tax included)

      A popular dish that was heard of the soup, such as plenty contains vegetable bitter gourd

    • Buckwheat Miyako

      Buckwheat Miyako

      772 yen (tax included)

      Pork was added to the 4 to bonito soup stock to over 5 hours soup boiled in the soup

  • ◇ handmade dessert ◇

    • Brown sugar pudding

      Brown sugar pudding

      494 yen (tax included)

      Rich homemade brown sugar pudding that uses a brown sugar Hateruma production, is popular.

    • Coconut milk Zenzai

      463 yen (tax included)

      White ball, bean jam, in ice of coconut milk.

    • Blue Seal ice

      Blue Seal ice

      412 yen (tax included)

      You know! American-born and raised in Okinawa of specialty ice.