• ◇ direct delivery !! Okinawa fresh fish and Okinawa brand meat ◇

    • Okinawa direct delivery! Island fish sashimi

      Okinawa direct delivery! Island fish sashimi

      669 yen (tax included) ~

      Prefecture-produced fish sashimi that can not be easily eaten on the inside, which is sent directly every day !!

    • Salt-grill of phantom black pig pigeon

      Salt-grill of phantom black pig pigeon

      1236 yen (tax included)

      Please enjoy the taste of Phantom black pig Ahu with simple salt-grilling!

    • Yamabara young chicken basil calico grass

      Yamabara young chicken basil calico grass

      875 yen (tax included)

      Popular menu which made the yakiniku of Okinawa's direct soup to basil incense grass!

  • ◇ Okinawa friend of delicacy and awamori ◇

    • Assorted Okinawa Delicatessen

      Assorted Okinawa Delicatessen

      1081 yen (tax included)

      Affordable platter of sea grapes · Diamami tofu · Mimicor ♪

    • Sea grapes

      Sea grapes

      669 yen (tax included)

      Freshly sent directly! That bubble wrap feeling does not collect.

    • Diamomi tofu

      Diamomi tofu

      865 yen (tax included)

      Peppered rice cake with peppers peanut tofu popular among women.

    • Mimicar


      545 yen (tax included)

      You know! Corricoli pork ears.Original sauce is ◎

    • Like red tofu asfu

      Like red tofu asfu

      669 yen (tax included)

      It seems like the best tofu that the head home recommends confidently.Rich taste!

    • Aloe sashimi

      Aloe sashimi

      618 yen (tax included)

      We also eat aloe in Okinawa.Effective on beauty.

    • Snoop soup (mozuku vinegar)

      Snoop soup (mozuku vinegar)

      865 yen (tax included)

      Okinawa vinegar of thick mozuku

    • Tuna Jishiri Island tuna jerky

      597 yen (tax included)

      There are many fans here.It is a tuna jerky from Tokashiki.

    • Succulus


      412 yen (tax included)

      Salted fish of a young lady

    • Cotton

      463 yen (tax included)

      Bonito cotton salted fish

  • Salad of Okinawa healthy vegetables

    • Let's have an island tofu salad (Miyakojima dressing)

      Let's have an island tofu salad (Miyakojima dressing)

      772 yen (tax included)

      Hey (bitter) is abundant in carotene / vitamin C and good for gastrointestinal island herbs

    • Salad with jelly and goya

      Salad with jelly and goya

      772 yen (tax included)

      Goya is 3 times as much vitamin C as lemon! Orange ball onion dressing is ◎

    • Thai style fresh salad with blue papaya

      Thai style fresh salad with blue papaya

      772 yen (tax included)

      Shaki suddenly with fresh papaya with the bush of Okinawa in Thai style.

    • Millefeuille salad of island fish and avocado

      Millefeuille salad of island fish and avocado

      927 yen (tax included)

      Long Niraikanai specials! Popular with women!

  • ◇ life drugs island vegetables ~ ~ Nuchigusui cuisine ◇

    • Drugs (Nutigusui) Assorted dishes

      Drugs (Nutigusui) Assorted dishes

      669 yen (tax included)

      Recommended meals of the day such as two-day dinner served.

    • Dulwakasy


      618 yen (tax included)

      Local cuisine prepared by putting pork, shiitake mushi (mushroom stem) etc in Tao

    • Solder


      494 yen (tax included)

      A dish of handmade (Suizanjia) effective for anemia and fatigue recovery with vinegar miso

  • ◇ of flame Champloo ◇

    • Bitter gourd Chample

      Bitter gourd Chample

      803 yen (tax included)

      It is the best dish that deliciously delicious and nice body.

    • Sormin Champlle

      Sormin Champlle

      721 yen (tax included)

      In Okinawa, I eat it because I do not like whipping.It's really tasty

    • Nervellumbussy


      803 yen (tax included)

      Stir-fried tofu miso.Even a set meal shop is a classic dish.

  • ◇ Okinawan cuisine ◇

    • Hiraya cheer

      Hiraya cheer

      618 yen (tax included)

      Okinawa style okonomiyaki.Tuna, chrysanthemums, full of green onion in soup stock

    • Arthur entering Hiraya Cafe

      Arthur entering Hiraya Cafe

      669 yen (tax included)

      Hiraya cheer who entered a lot of Artha (Aoya, Iwanori).

    • Roughty


      824 yen (tax included)

      Pork belly boiled.I simmered the skinned three meat with Awamori, Sato and soy sauce overnight.

    • Foot rubbish (pork feet)

      Foot rubbish (pork feet)

      803 yen (tax included)

      Your skin is full of collagen.Oden style stewed carefully.

  • ◇ tempura-fried stuff ◇

    • Tempura of the Fuji Bar

      Tempura of the Fuji Bar

      700 yen (tax included)

      Okinawa wormwood fragrance is wonderful.I do not collect for fukuba lovers

    • Kagaku noodles

      Kagaku noodles

      700 yen (tax included)

      Low calorie and minerals rich in Okinawa Tsukuda and fried vegetables.

    • Deep-fried glukun

      Deep-fried glukun

      721 yen (tax included)

      Fried okinawa kon fish glucum (Takasago) fried.Eat bone.

    • Fried mimic

      700 yen (tax included)

      Original home original menu.Tom Yam Kung Mayonnaise Please.

  • ◇ buckwheat rice ones Okinawa ◇

    • Rafting on rice bowl!

      Rafting on rice bowl!

      906 yen (tax included)

      There is no doubt that roasted rakuti (horn cooked) and hot spring eggs will ride on black rice!

    • Taco fried rice

      Taco fried rice

      875 yen (tax included)

      I made taco rice into fried rice.It is popular.

    • Okinawa yakisoba

      Okinawa yakisoba

      803 yen (tax included)

      A popular dish with plenty of vegetables including plenty of goya

    • Miyako soba

      Miyako soba

      772 yen (tax included)

      Soup with bonito added to soup boiled pork for 4 to 5 hours

  • ◇ handmade dessert ◇

    • Black sugar pudding

      Black sugar pudding

      494 yen (tax included)

      Hot homemade brown sugar pudding using Hakuza's brown sugar is popular.

    • Coconut milk powder

      463 yen (tax included)

      White balls, Koshian, Ice in coconut milk.

    • Blue Seal ice

      Blue Seal ice

      412 yen (tax included)

      You know! I am born in the United States and a famous ice cream growing in Okinawa.